Thursday, August 19, 2010

CSN Kitchen Products

I know that many of you are already aware of the various products that CSN Stores have to offer, but did you know that they probably have the perfect coffee maker for you?  There are hundreds of coffee makers that range from the economy line to the gourmet brand, so I'm sure they have a coffee maker that would suit your needs. 

I have seen various CSN Store reviews over the last few months ranging from bookcases, kitchen products, and various home furnishings.  I mean they have almost everything!  If you have a child getting ready to head off to college I suggest that you check out their site as I'm sure you would find many necessities for the dorm room or apartment.  My daughter already has her wish list started!

I think my next product review for CSN will be for a wine rack since all I am able to do at this time is lay my wine down on the shelf in the pantry.  If you aren't aware, good wines should be stored laying down so the wine covers the cork during storage.  But since I don't have a rack they end up rolling around in there.  So stay tuned for that product review in the near future.


DCMetroreader said...

They are a terrific company. A wine rack sounds cool!

Veens said...

ummm... I wish they had a store here in India :)