Friday, August 27, 2010

Java with Jo

Since we will be bringing my daughter back to college this weekend I guess that it is time to admit that summer has passed us by.  It is a sad time for me as my home will be quieter and the weather will get progressively cooler.  There will be a crispness in the air as the dreaded 'F' word approaches...yes, it is FALL!  Many of my friends love the fall season, but not me!  I can't stand it as I long for the long, hot summer days. 

I will just have to immerse myself in some good books to ease the pain of fall.  I haven't been able to read quite as much of The Passage as I would like.  I am over halfway through the novel, but then I joined the readalong for The Handmaid's Tale, which is amazing I might add, and started reading my book club selection of Home in Carolina.  Our first book club meeting for the year (because we follow the school year) is next Wednesday so I need to get cracking!  These books are keeping me super busy!  I've often wondered how people can read so many books at once, but here is how I'm doing it.  I was reading The Passage at night and The Handmaid's Tale during my lunch hour.  This was working fine until I had to throw into the mix Home in Carolina.  So that is now my night time read for a few days but I'm hoping to finish that one up over the car ride this weekend.

And today my Kindle should be shipped, which means I should have it next week!  Can you tell that I'm a bit excited about this?  A question for Kindle or other E-Reader owners:  Have you purchased the extended warranty?  I'm wondering if I should make this investment and would like to get an idea as to how many of you have made this purchase.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I hope u love your new Kindle. I NEVER by extended warranties on electronics...even laptops and so far no problems.

The Lawver's said...

Your Shelfari is certainly full now - you are such a great mult-tasker!! You forgot to put that you were also listening to the Bride collector in your car!! haha

Alyce said...

I'm doing the readalong for The Handmaid's Tale too!

I hope you enjoy your new Kindle! I have a first generation Kindle that was gifted to our family, so I don't know anything about the warranty. I'm excited because we got our replacement adapter plug in the mail this week. We'd lost ours and were unable to use the Kindle for a few months while we were in denial about the lost plug. :)

Veens said...

I hope you LOVE your Kindle, I am dying to get one here... But that will not be soon :)
I am also muti asking these days with books. I am reading Rohinton Mistry when I am feeding the baby :D and when I am on the comp I am reading Manifest LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the crispness of fall! Especially since the unbearable heat has kept me swollen for most of the summer.