Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love my book club!!!!

Have I mentioned that I just love my book club? We started out with about seven members and now we have nine members as we begin our fifth year together. We come from all walks of life and range in ages from 35 to 65. A few of us were friends or family before we started our group, but a few of us did not know each other at all until we met at one of our meetings.

Now that we have been meeting once a month for the past few years, we have developed a special friendship amongst ourselves. One might call it a secret society or sisterhood! I know that we all look forward to our time together and miss each other dearly when we do not get together quite so often in the summer.

I think it may be impossible to have a 'great' book selection month after month. I do find it interesting when we read a book that none of our members enjoyed, how we can carry such an interesting discussion about it.

Well that is what I have to share about my book club....I love my girls!


Unknown said...

I am stopping by to leave a comment congratulation on your blog. I did not know if you wanted to be entered in my contest. If you did you still need to post a comment on your blog with a link to mine. Anyway thank you for leaving the comment. Your story sounds like mine. Our book club is going on 4 yrs. I wish you good luck with your blog. I will visit your blog often and I am putting you on my blog roll. If you need any tech . support I am here. When I was new at this all the bloggers seem to help each other out. Book Club Girl has been great. That is how I started initially. After her I met other bloggers too,

Darlene said...

Your book club sounds wonderful. I've been part of an online book club for over 5 yrs now and most of our members have met. We are scattered all over the US and me from Canada. It's a great group of ladies who have become part of my family along the way.

Ti said...

I love my book club. We're hitting the 12 year mark next year and I just cannot believe it!

We've had some interesting book choices but they have always provided plenty of discussion. Well, it could be that we are just all terribly chatty!

Jo-Jo said...

Dar: That is so neat that you have met most of your members even though you are from all over the country!

Ti: I am sure the chattiness does help...Good desserts help ours too!

Seaside: Thank you for the offer of support...Lord knows I need it!

Anonymous said...
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