Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Confessions of an NFL Drama Queen

Brett Favre, you're killing me! I want to retire, I want to play ball, I don't want to play ball...Oh wait, I really do want to play ball! That's it. I'm just not sure what to think of this whole situation.

Let me start by saying that I live in Wisconsin and I am a Packer loving Cheesehead. I've been a Brett Favre fan and even when he went to the Jets last year, I really did not have a problem with it. Sure, I would have rather had him play for the Pack, but so be it.

I've only been to a couple of Packer games and I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to tell you that the Lambeau Field experience is amazing! Here is a picture that we took of our beloved Brett Favre (No. 4 if you didn't know) at one of the games a few years ago. I should note that this was taken probably about 45 minutes before kick-off and that is why the stands are not full. I think there were about 70,000 fans at this game.
I have such conflicted feelings about this whole issue. He obviously is a darn good quarterback and I will admit that it will be fun to watch him play again this year. He has such a love of the game and you can just see the youthfulness in his stride when he is on the playing field. But as a loyal fan is too much to ask for some loyalty from the team players? I mean go start a football camp for underprivileged kids or coach a high school team, but play for the biggest division rivalry we have, the Minnesota Vikings? So as a Packer fan I reserve the right to post the following picture that I found here.

Please feel free to share any thoughts that you may have on this subject. My final thought is "Brett Favre, you have broken my little heart."


Blodeuedd said...

Haha love that pic, ok no idea who he is but can still be funny ;)

Lezlie said...

I'm from MN, and as far as I'm concerned, you can have him back. :-) I wish the Vikings well and all, but all the BS with Brett irritated me. It all came off as so needy for attention. I wanted to slap him and tell him to grow up. And I'm so with you on the "team loyalty" thing.

I don't mean to hurt your feelings by dissing your guy, but you asked. :-)


Lezlie said...

PS And I feel bad for the other Vikes quarterbacks. Way to let your teammates know you have no faith in them whatsoever!

OK. I'm done now. :-)


Jo-Jo said...

Blodeuedd: I'm glad you liked the pic. I remember getting that in an email last year when he came out of retirement the first time and have been just waiting for an opportunity to use it!

Lezlie: Don't worry about hurting my feelings as he isn't 'my guy' any more...the big turd! lol
I was actually hoping you would comment because I was especially interested in your thoughts knowing that you are from Minnesota.

Laura's Reviews said...

Hilarious! I love the drama queen picture. I feel as you do, Farve used to just be known as a great football player, now he is more known for his drama queen antics. I think he has really crushed his legacy here in Wisconsin.

Serena said...

That picture is hilarious....Favre just can't face retirement I think.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I agree! He said several years ago he wanted to retire so he could spend time with his kids before they departed for college. What happened, Brett? Got bored at home? Go start a football camp before you get hurt.
Can you imagine a 50-year-old Brett playing football?
And it's tough to see a player go to another team like that. Rod Woodson was just inducted into the Hall of Fame, and the Raiders were proudly proclaiming he was one of theirs. He played for Oakland 1 or 2 years - he was with the Steelers for 10! You do the math...

Sorry, I'm a big football geek, so this post really caught my eye.

L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

Anonymous said...

I'm a college football girl, but being a sports lover I do keep up with it all. I feel for you and I'm totally with you on team loyalty. I hate when players go to another team because they can make, say, 2 million more. When you are making 5 mil already, so you really need an extra 2?!
Anyway, I personally think Brett mightneed some sort of counseling.

Serena said...

my husband says Favre is trying to be Michael Jordon--in and out of the game.

The Lawver's said...

Oh Jo....I know..this really weighs heavy on my heart too...I'm with you hon. Loved the pictures...they all made me lol! Check this link out for some more giggles...

Unknown said...

Funny pic! I'm in NY and a huge Jets fan. But my dad grew up in Wisconsin and loved the Packers so I'm a Packers fan too! lol
I think Brett would have liked to play for the Packers again, when he decided he wanted to come out of retirement (right after he retired!) lol But Ithe Packers didn't want to take him back. We were pretty excited here when Favre joined the Jets last year. I think there was some hope he would show the Packers that they made a mistake not taking him back. That didn't really happen. Favre didn't have quite as good a year as he and everyone else hoped he would.
I was surprised that he decided to play again this year. It's getting a little much. And, in my opinion, going to play for the Vikings is a bit much too. Favre had a terrific career, it would be nice to see him retire with grace. I'm afraid he may have lost the opportunity.

Good luck to the Packers and the Jets this year!

Jenny Girl said...


I am huge football fan and completely agree with you. To unretire once...I can buy that. But all this drama every year? It's totally taking away form the great career he had. Just say you don't like training camp Brett?

And I think he does a disservice to Packer fans with his retire/not retire actions. It's like a slap in the face.

My NFL team: I live in Philly and despise the Eagles. Abssolutely despise, always, since I was a kid. Have been a Colts fan for 15 years or so.

Lezlie said...

Jenny ~ The training camp remark is too funny! My husband was bummed when Brett decided not to join the Vikings, and I told him to cheer up. You could still see him after training camp is over. And lo and behold . . . :-)


Barbara said...

Can a (gasp) Bears fan risk a comment? Not to worry about old Brett. That small rotator cuff tear will soon be a large rotator cuff tear and he'll be "retired" once again. This soap opera is destined to be a long-running one. The Pack is better off without him.

RyGuy said...

I think they offered him 25 million to come play...I find it interesting that the Packers offered him 30 million last year to stay retired. He must really want to play!