Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Author Challenge 2012

This is one of the challenges that I have successfully completed over the last couple of years, so why stop now?  Literary Escapism is hosting this challenge once again and you can sign up yourself an review all the guidelines here if you want to give it a shot!  I love it when a new author is revealed to me through the pages of a book!  This year I am going to sign up to read 25 new authors again and I will list them on this post as I read them.  Good luck to you if you decide to try this one also!

1.  Kaui Hart Hemmings--The Descendants--Completed 1/26/12
2.  Erin Morgenstern--The Night Circus--Completed 2/5/12
3.  Anne Rivers Siddons--Burnt Mountain--Completed 2/11/12
4.  Marisa de los Santos--Falling Together--Completed 2/26/12
5.  Suzanne Collins--The Hunger Games--Completed 3/8/12
6.  Jaretta Carleton--Clair de Lune--Completed 3/21/12
7.  Dorothy Garlock--Come a Little Closer--Completed 4/2/12
8.  John Shors--Cross Currents--Completed 4/16/12
9.  Nathaniel Hawthorne--The Scarlet Letter--Completed 5/1/12
10.Lisa Scottoline--Come Home--Completed 5/24/12
11.Emily Giffin--Heart of the Matter--Completed 5/28/12
12. Lisa Tucker--The Winters in Bloom--Completed 6/6/12
13. Peter Lefcourt--An American Family--Completed 6/29/12
14. Hilary Mantel--Bring Up the Bodies--Completed 7/6/12
15. Thrity Umrigar--The World We Found--Completed 8/4/12
16. Penny Vincenzi--More Than You Know--Completed 8/18/12
17. Abraham Verghese--Cutting for Stone--Completed 9/5/12
18. Philippa Gregory--The Kingmaker's Daughter--Completed 9/11/12
19. Andrea Warren--Surviving Hitler--Completed 9/13/12
20. Vanessa Diffenbaugh--The Language of Flowers--Completed 9/23/12
21. Jamie McGuire--Beautiful Diaster--Completed 9/26/12
22. Lisa Genova--Love Anthony--Completed 10/19/12
23. Gail Tsukiyama--A Hundred Flowers--Completed 10/26/12
24. Rob Lowe--Stories I Only Tell My Friends--Completed 11/27/12
25. Susan Gregg Gilmore--Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen--Completed 12/4/12
26. Patricia Falvey--The Linen Queen--Completed 12/16/12


bermudaonion said...

Have fun!!

Serena said...

I love this challenge and have done it for a few years now and keep doing...its addictive, isn't it?!