Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

Here is a summary of Nefertiti from Michelle Moran's website:

The sweeping story of a powerful Egyptian family, Nefertiti: A Novel tells the tale of two sisters, the first of whom is destined to rule as one of history’s most fascinating queens.

Beautiful Nefertiti and her sister, Mutnodjmet, have been raised far from the court of their aunt, the Queen of Egypt. But when the Pharaoh of Egypt dies, their father’s power play makes Nefertiti wife to the new and impetuous king. It is hoped she will temper King Amunhotep’s desire to overturn Egypt’s religion, but the ambitious Nefertiti encourages Amunhotep’s outrageous plans instead, winning the adoration of the people while making powerful enemies at court. Younger yet more prudent, Mutnodjmet is her sister’s sole confidant, and only she knows to what lengths Nefertiti will go for a child to replace the son of Amunhotep’s first wife.

As King Amunhotep’s commands become more extravagant, he and Nefertiti ostracize the army, clergy, and Egypt’s most powerful allies. Then, when Mutnodjmet begins a dangerous affair with a general, she sees how tenuous her situation is at her own sister’s court. An epic story that resurrects ancient Egypt in vivid detail, Nefertiti: A Novel.

My Review:
I absolutely loved this novel as I was swept away to ancient Egypt in this beautifully crafted story by Michelle Moran.  I really do not have much knowledge of Egyptian history so it was fascinating to learn some of the practices and religious customs that were held with such a sacred esteem.

Nefertiti and Mutnodjmet are as different as two sisters could ever be.  They do have different mothers and since Nefertiti does come from a line of royalty she is groomed at an early age to hopefully become queen of Egypt some day.  Mutnodjmet definitely does not have quite as glorious of a future ahead of her, but she does know she wants more out of life besides catering to her older sister's every whim.

Everything seems to be working according to the plan that has been devised by Nefertiti and her father.  The Prince of Egypt has chosen Nefertiti as his wife, and although he is already married to a woman named Kiya, it will be impossible for Kiya to ever become queen.  Nefertiti just needs to strengthen her relationship with her new husband and make him realize that she will support all of his decisions.  Before too long, the young prince is crowned the Pharoah of Egypt and Nefertiti is ruling by his side.  Together they will make changes that will devastate the stronghold of Egypt.

As Nefertiti becomes more powerful by her husband's side, the people seem to respect her more than her husband the Pharoah.  She uses her power to try to force her sister to stay near her for comfort and companionship.  But when Mutnodjmet finally falls in love she must decide whether it is more important to obey her sister or follow her heart to be with the man that she loves.

I loved this story that was full of ancient power, intrigue, love and destiny.  I read this novel with my book club and all of the ladies enjoyed it so I don't hesitate in highly recommending this book for personal entertainment or as a book club selection.

My Rating:  5/5

Disclosure:  This book was from my personal collection and I read it for my own entertainment.

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Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I loved this one also. The Heretic Queen is great also. I am hoping to read Michelle's other two books sometime. I think she is brilliant.

Blodeuedd said...

I loved it too :D And I really must get a hold of The Heretic Queen now

bermudaonion said...

Wow! I really do need to read one of Moran's books!

Alyce said...

This is one of my favorites of hers - such a fun read!

Lisa said...

I've had The Heretic Queen on my shelf since I first started my blog, and now you've just reminded me how much I want to read it!

I love the cover on this one too!

Great review, Jo-Jo!

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to read this for ages, but for some reason I haven't got around to it yet. Thanks for reminding me how brilliant it is - I'll have to bump it up the pile!

Anna said...

Glad to see you loved this book as much as I did!