Monday, May 7, 2012

What Are You Reading?

Sheila over at Book Journey hosts this meme that gives you the opportunity to share the books that you have been losing yourself in lately and also the ones that you are looking forward to picking up next.

Here is what I finished:
Last week I finished  The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne in time to discuss it at book club on Wednesday night.  Definitely not one of our more popular books but I will still be posting a review soon.

What I'm reading now:
 State of Wonder by Ann Patchett is what I started next for a blog tour later in the week.  Hopefully I can finish it in time!

And next up:
Our last book club selection before our summer hiatus is Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin.  I might change my mind and sneak another one in before reading this, but this is my plan right now.

So what has been absorbing your reading time?


Nise' said...

I enjoyed rereading The Scarlet Letter as an adult. Have you read When She Awoke? It would make a good club read.

Harvee said...

Heart of the Matter has piqued my interest. Hope you like it!

Unknown said...

I've never read The Scarlet Letter, but I'm pretty sure I have it on my Kindle. I'm interested in seeing what you thought of it.

The Brunette Librarian said...

We read the Scarlet Letter in high school - I remember really liking least better than stuffy old Romeo and juliet.

Happy reading this week :)
What are YOU reading??

Lisa said...

Your book club is going from The Scarlet Letter to Emily Griffin? Now THAT'S diversity!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

The Scarlet Letter... another one I have not read.... so many books to read!!!!