Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Salon

Well it seems that things will be getting back to normal after the busy Christmas season. I was very sad this morning as I stood in the shower thinking "Back to work tomorrow" sigh sigh.

Last week was very relaxing though and we did have a great Christmas. We stayed home for Christmas and it was nice. Not having to worry about being somewhere by a certain time, or waking up early to make yourself presentable. Looking good while relaxing at home is overrated! lol lol

We did have a busy weekend in my home though. I allowed my daughter to have a few of her friends over on Friday night and they stayed up late making gingerbread houses and playing the wii. Of course the noise levels did get a bit out of hand so sleep was off and on the whole evening. But they did have fun so I don't mind them hanging out at our home since I know that they are safe!

I must have felt like a glutton for punishment because then I allowed my son to have a few friends over last night to have one of their "lan" parties. Do you know what this is crazy! There were 5 boys all together (and remember these are all college students now) that bring their entire computer systems to my home and network them so they are all linked together. Then they stay up all night long playing games together over their "network". Goodness, that can get crazy! My daughter calls it a geek party. lol lol

Well I think I am going to enjoy the rest of my final day off by going and putting my feet up and reading for awhile. Have a great week and happy reading!


Anonymous said...

lol. All the guys I work with have LAN parties. I am with your daughter in calling them Geek Parties though. ;)

Alyce said...

How funny! It sounds like you are very busy with your kids. I hope you have a good day back at work. I know that first day back can be hard.

bermudaonion said...

My son and his friends used to have LAN parties with their XBoxes when he was in high school. We've moved since he started college, so he doesn't have any friends here to do it with.