Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Reading Challenge

This challenge caught my eye because I can start this one right away, rather than waiting until January 1st! I'm looking forward to adding a little bit of fun to the cold months that lie ahead!

The Winter Reading Challenge runs from December 21st, 2008 through March 20, 2009.

The rules are very flexible:

1) Choose any number of books you would like to read and post them on your blog.

2) They can be fiction and/or nonfiction including e-books and audiobooks.

3) They can overlap with other challenges.

Interested in joining this challenge? You can check out the details here.

Here is my list for the challenge:

1. The Dive from Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer-- completed 12/30
2. The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates--audiobook completed 1/23
3. Peony in Love by Lisa See--completed 1/24
4. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne--Completed 2/10
5. This Side of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury--Completed 2/18
6. Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas--Completed 2/28
7. The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman--Completed 1/11


Lezlie said...

These seasonal challenges are good to help organize the bigger ones you have going on. Good luck! :-)


Robin M said...

Hi Jo-Jo

I don't think I welcomed you to the challenge. Great books and have fun reading.