Friday, February 6, 2009

Brought To You By The Letter J

There is this great meme out there right now that asks you to list 10 things that you love that begin with a specific letter. The tricky part is that someone randomly assigns you with a letter. So I asked Serena over at
Savvy Verse and Wit to shoot a letter my way and she gave me the letter J!

So without further jabbering here is my list of 10 things that I love:

1. Jesus--I don't think I could start a list like this without first mentioning Jesus. I do love him and he died for us, so what more needs to be said?

2. Java--I couldn't imagine starting my day without my cup of coffee...If I must go without the coffee you really wouldn't want to be around me! I really do enjoy my coffee--at work I will drink it until early afternoon and even have a couple more cups when I get home at the end of the day.

3. Jewelery--Oh how I love all of my jewelry! Diamonds, emeralds, pearls...You name it, I'm not picky! lol

4. Jif peanut butter--I LOVE desserts that include peanut butter, whether it be peanut butter cookies, or my friend Donna's Oatmeal Fudgies (which she did give me the recipe, so woohoo), I just happen to always have Jif in my home so that is what I use for these desserts.

5. Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. This is the only novel that I have read by Jane Austen so far but I loved it!

6. Jamaica--Although I haven't actually been to Jamaica I have such a love of tropical locations that I feel I needed to include that somehow. Put me on a sandy beach with my swimsuit and a pile of books and I am set for a week! Just make sure you bring me in at the end of the day for the proper hydration!

7. Joyful moments with my friends and family. Whether we are staying home for a quiet dinner, playing the wii, spending a sunny day out on the boat, or going out for Mexican and a margarita. As long as I am with my loved ones that is what counts!

8. Jon Bon Jovi's music. So I will start by saying that when I was in high school Bon Jovi was IT. I enjoyed their music but I wasn't totally goo goo over the band. When they went on tour last year I kind of himmed and haaaed about going to their concert. Well I caved in and went with a gal from work and we had the best time! So needless to say, next time they go on tour...I am there! Wowza...Rock on!

9. Job--I think with today's economy I should also definitely list my job. There are too many people out there right now without one to not be grateful and love what I do.

10. Jo-Jo Loves to Read--my blog! I know that my blog isn 't as fancy as some others but since I have started blogging I have had the opportunity to meet so many other book lovers out there. Everyone out there is so nice, supportive and appreciative--I just love all the blogs that I have been able to view so far, and I look forward to the ones that I haven't seen yet!

Well that was fun and I hope you've enjoyed my list! Would you like to play along? If so, leave a comment and I’ll assign you a random letter. With that letter create your list of 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and when people comment on your post, you can assign them a letter to keep the meme going.


Serena said...

Jo-Jo: I can't start my day without java either. I really love Jamaica and hope to get back there someday. We went there on our honeymoon. Jane Austen as you know is one of my favorites, particularly Pride & Prejudice. Jon Bon Jovi! We are kindred spirits!

Lezlie said...

Great list! Yum! JIF! I've never read Jane Austen, and I'm really hoping to fix that this year. And we love your blog! Who needs fancy-schmancy? :-)


* said...

These lists are so much fun.. It helps me find out things I have in common with everyone! I love Bon Jovi as well! I went for his concert last year as well..when his tour brought him to Atlanta..:)

And Jane Austen.. I am kicking myself for not adding that to my "A" list!:)

Anonymous said...

J is a tough letter and you did it Justice! Great list.

Jo-Jo said...

Serena: Kindred spirits indeed...these things just make life fun!

Lezlie: Aw thanks! You are always so sweet...I'm going to try to read another Austen novel this year.

Ramya: These are fun lists and I will admit on my blog that I really do enjoy more than Jon Bon Jovi's music! he he he

Kathy: Thank you...I was having a problem thinking of things at first but when I started typing my post they just started coming to me! husband thought of that one too.

I also thought of the Jewish Kugel. Have any of you had is a sweet casserole made with egg noodles that is just yummy!

Luanne said...

Great list Jo-Jo - thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better!