Monday, March 23, 2015

Mailbox Monday-March 23

Mailbox Monday is a great meme that has us list the books that we receive. You can check out the Mailbox Monday blog to see what everyone else found in their mailboxes.

Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran

I haven't received many books in the mail lately, but when I found this one waiting for me when I got home, I was thoroughly excited!  

So did anything interesting show up on your doorstep?


Elizabeth said...

Rebel Queen is quite popular this week.

ENJOY your new book and your reading week.

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My Mailbox Monday

Vicki said...

I hope you enjoy this book! Love the cover

Harvee said...

Oh, everyone has the Rebel Queen but me! Drat it!

Blodeuedd said...

Ohhh you got Moran's new one!

Serena said...

Moran's new book is hitting a lot of mailboxes this week, including mine!