Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wondrous Words Wednesday-May 6

Bermudaonion asks you to share new words that you have learned during your reading adventures in the last week. Feel free to join in the fun!

I have found quite a few new words while reading The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner. Here are just a few:

Portcullis: (pôrt-kŭl'ĭs) A grating of iron or wooden bars or slats, suspended in the gateway of a fortified place and lowered to block passage.

Here is how portcullis was used on page 31:
"Indeed," he remarked, and he steered me to a bench under the portcullis's shadow.

Effigy: a representation or image, esp. sculptured, as on a monument.

Here is how effigy was used on page 38:
In their royal pew, my parents sat stiff as effigies.

Odalisque: (ohd-l-isk) a female slave or concubine in a harem, esp. in that of the sultan of Turkey.

Here is how odalisque was used on page 48:
"I can smell the perfume water from here. You'll smell like a heretic odalisque."

Hippocras: (hip-uh-kras) an old medicinal cordial made of wine mixed with spices.

Here is how hippocras was used on page 53:
Servitors entered, carrying baked boars' heads stuffed with caramelized pears; winter peacocks sauteed in hippocras; glazed honeyed herons; haunches of cinnamon-roasted venison; and myriad unrecognizable dishes smothered in creamy sauces.

Susurration: (soo-suh-rey-shuhn) a soft murmur; whisper.

Here is how susurration was used on page 60:
I was overwhelmed with longing for the chamber I'd shared with my sisters, for the susurration of their voices in the dark and quiet snores of our ladies on their pallet.

So what new words have you learned in your reading adventures this week?


Margot said...

Lots of new words to look up. I knew a effigy - I've read too many political things. I'm impressed with the symbols used for pronouncing your words. You must know some special tricks with your keyboard.,

Serena said...

great words...effigy and portcullis are cool words...

btw, i left you an award here:

Ti said...

I always have to keep a dictionary close to me and I always look stuff up but I can never remember the definition once I've moved to the next book. LOL.

bermudaonion said...

That book has some good words. I'm not 100% sure of the meaning of servitors - I'm guessing servants. Thanks for participating today.

Kerri said...

I like these words, especially hippocras.

Phyl said...

"Odalisque" has been one of my favourite words in the world for a long time now. Isn't it a beautiful word?

When my little girlcat is lounging on her side, I often tell her she looks like an odalisque.

Anyway, my words are here.

Kristi said...

Good words! I only knew effigy - the rest were new to me!

avisannschild said...

Odalisque and hippocras are new to me! For some reason, it seems to me that odalisque should mean something else. (I think I'm thinking of obelisk!)

Jeane said...

Odalisque and hippocras were the newest ones to me, but those are some very cool words. Nice blog!

Jenny Girl said...

I just learned a few new words. Thanks Jo-Jo!