Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Audiobook Review: Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Here is a summary of Worst Case from James Patterson's website:

Best case: Survival
The son of one of New York's wealthiest families is snatched off the street and held hostage. His parents can't save him, because this kidnapper isn't demanding money. Instead, he quizzes his prisoner on the price others pay for his life of luxury. In this exam, wrong answers are fatal.

Worst case: Death
Detective Michael Bennett leads the investigation. With ten kids of his own, he can't begin to understand what could lead someone to target anyone's children. As another student disappears, another powerful family uses their leverage and connections to turn up the heat on the mayor, the press—anyone who will listen—to stop this killer. Their reach extends all the way to the FBI, which sends its top Abduction Specialist, Agent Emily Parker. Bennett's life—and love life—suddenly get even more complicated.

This case: Detective Michael Bennett is on it
Before Bennett has a chance to protest the FBI's intrusion on his case, the mastermind changes his routine. His plan leads up to the most devastating demonstration yet—one that could bring cataclysmic ruin to every inch of New York City. From the shocking first page to the last exhilarating scene, Worst Case is a nonstop thriller from "America's #1 storyteller" (Forbes).

My Review:
This was a fast paced audiobook that kept me gripping the steering wheel for the most part, but still had a few parts that made me burst into laughter.  This is the first book I have read (actually listened to) by Patterson and it was a very enjoyable experience.  Although I don't usually read books that are from the 'thriller' genre I have been finding that I do enjoy the audioversions.

There is a maniac on the streets of New York City who is kidnapping children of wealthy families for what seems to be his own personal quest for economic justice.  He asks his victims a series of questions that have to do with countries that have been attacked by disease or bad economics.  Once the victim answers too many incorrect questions he or she is killed.

Detective Mike Bennett is assigned to this case and I have to say that I loved his character.  Not only is he a successful detective for the NYPD, but he is also a loving and caring father of oodles of kids that he has at home.  I loved getting a glimpse into Bennett's family life because helped me to see what a huge heart he really has.

Bennett gets a break in the case when one of the victims is set free after answering the series of questions correctly.   Once they are able to get a description of the murderer/kidnapper, Bennett tries to piece together the motives of his actions before he has the opportunity to strike again.

If you enjoy action packed books with just a touch of romantic interest then I think you will enjoy this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the audioversion and will probably try to listen to the other books in the Bennett series...yes, there are more!  The multiple narrators of this book included Bobby Cannavale, John Glover, and Orlagh Cassidy.  Cannavale did a great job narrating as Bennett, while the voice of Glover as the villain was definitely unnerving.

My Rating:  5/5

Disclosure:  I received this audiobook from Anna at Hachette in exchange for an honest review.

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Serena said...

I'm currently listening to this on audio. Did your version have sound effects? What did you think of those?

i really loved the other Michael Bennett books.

Jo-Jo said...

Serena: That was the first audiobook that I have listened to with all of the sound effects and I liked it!

Kerri said...

I quite enjoy Patterson, and Michael Bennett is a great character. I read this earlier in the year.

Belle said...

I love audios that have sound effects! I've only ever read Patterson in audio, his Women's Murder Club series. Is this book graphic? I enjoy audio a lot, but I can't do a lot of thrillers because I tend to flip/speed read through the parts that are too graphic, and you can't do that in audio :)

bermudaonion said...

The Michael Bennett series is a lot of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I read Patterson, but have never felt any of his books have rated a 5. This must be good! :) I'll have to check out this series.

Julie P said...

I love Patterson! I am just finishing up Beach Road myself....

The Lawver's said...

This audio had me on the edge of my carseat as well and even made me jump OUT of my seat a couple of times with the sound effects. I also liked the fast pace, action packed story...I think that Michael Bennett is in my future also...Great review!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I love Pattersons audios.... I listened to these out of order and am now finishing up on the first of the Bennett series, Step On A Crack.... still so good!

Jo-Jo said...

Kerri: I just loved the voice of Cannavale as Bennett!

Belle: I didn't really think it was too graphic, but being a mom I think the parts where he was about to kill the teenagers were a bit disturbing.

Kathy: I've haven't read any of the earlier books in the series. I'm wondering if his wife was alive in the earlier ones?

Stacy: I don't think I would have enjoyed actually reading this one, so remember that this rating is based on the audioversion.

Miranda: Ya action packed! You know how these have us laughing, screaming, and the next thing you know we missed our turn! lol

Sheila: I may have to go back and listen to the earlier ones also...good idea!

Anonymous said...

I am a big Patterson fan too! Please enter me in this contest.

Tahnk you


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I am listening to this one right now. It is actually pretty good. Glad u liked it.

Anonymous said...

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Jo-Jo said...

Diane: I can't wait to hear your thoughts when you are done!