Thursday, April 19, 2012

Audiobook Review: Come a Little Closer by Dorothy Garlock

Title:  Come a Little Closer

Author:  Dorothy Garlock

Narrator:  Susan Boyce

Unabridged Length:  aprox. 10 hrs

Here is a summary of the book from the AudioGO website:

It’s 1946, after the end of WWII, and Christina Tucker decides to take a nursing job in the small town of Longstock, Wisconsin and to pursue the life she had wanted before the war’s outbreak. Dr. Samuel Barlow was born and raised in Longview and has been serving as the town’s physician for almost thirty years. He’s a stubborn sort, but has a good heart. Unbeknownst to his new nurse, Dr. Barlow is hiding demons from his time in World War I, as are his nephews—both of whom are eagerly vying for Christina’s affections. Dr. Barlow is well-regarded by the people of Longview, except for one man: Morris Doyle. Morris believes that his younger brother Jimmy died as a result of Barlow’s shoddy care and he is determined to punish the doctor for what he’s done—even if it means hurting those the doctor loves most, including Christina Tucker.

My Review:
This was my first experience with Garlock and although I did find some enjoyment through this novel, it fell short for me somewhere along the way.  We follow Christina as she starts a new life in a small Wisconsin town.

Since Christina grew up in a rural Minnesota town, life in Longstock, Wisconsin is not too much of a shock to her.  She sees many similarities that range from the area business, the townspeople, and even the people that have been affected by the war.  The last thing that Christina expects is to fall in love while she is helping a war veteran conquer his fears.

Holden Tucker is the man that served in the war who Christina helps to face his demons.  When Christina is not spending time with Holden she usually can be found with his brother Tyler.  While she develops a protective affection towards Holden, a deeper emotion is sparked with Tyler.  This, of course, will create an unsavory love triangle.

Many events are brought to Christina's attention within this novel.  An obsessed woman sets Christina as a target, while a town drunk is finally ready to fulfill his act of revenge.  One of the most endearing storylines involved the doctor that had a morphine addiction.  Christina helped him deal with his addiction as she helped Holden confront his fears.

This book caught my eye because I liked the cover and noticed it was a post WWII novel.  I enjoy books from this time period, but this one didn't hit home for me.  I did enjoy most of the story, but I have to warn you that there is a sex scene towards the end that made me feel that I was listening to an erotic novel.  I did not enjoy that part at all.  While I didn't find much enjoyment from this book, I do think that those of you that enjoy romance novels would want to give this one a try.

My Rating:  2/5

Disclosure:  This audiobook was provided to me by Audiobook Jukebox in exchange for an honest review.


bermudaonion said...

Sorry this was a stinker for you.

DCMetroreader said...

This one doesn't sound like my kind of read, but thanks for the detailed review!