Friday, December 14, 2012

Books That Make Me Go....Ahhhh

So on Fridays I TRY to post a notable excerpt for the week.  These gems that catch my eye deserve much more notoriety besides being written down on a little sticky note in the front of the novel.

As I've been reading The Linen Queen by Patricia Falvey, not much has stood out for me, but something finally caught my eye:
I was trembling now, fighting back the tears that pricked my eyes.  All the memories of fighting with Ma flooded back.  Was I to find no peace at all?  Och, why hadn't I gone with Joel when he'd offered me a way out?  I beat down the self-pity that threatened to drown me.  I would not give in to her.  I would hold on to my dream with everything I had.
pg. 248

The first half of this book seemed to drag on for me, but thankfully the second half has picked up!  Well today I am off to watch my baby girl graduate from exciting!

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