Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish you all health and happiness for this wonderful new year that is ahead of us. It has finally arrived so now I can finally crack open a book that will count for a 2009 challenge. Woohoo! I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve. My husband and I had a nice evening together at our movie theater watching The Curious Incident of Benjamin Button. I must say that I thoroughly LOVED that movie. I would definitely suggest seeing this one, it was a very thought-provoking movie and I was still thinking about it as I was going to sleep last night.

I think I am going to spend the rest of my day reading and then making some wild rice soup for dinner. It has been so cold here for the last week that I just want a nice bowl of hot soup to warm my bones.

Then I need to pack a weekend bag because I offered to chaperone for a christian youth conference this weekend. At least I don't have to drive so I can just hook up my ipod and open a few books and be on my way!

2008 may have been great, but 2009 is looking mighty fine! Here is to a New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Lezlie said...

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hope you have fun this weekend. An iPod and books would work for me! Actually, now I'm reading e-books ON my iPod. Woohoo!

Darlene said...

Happy New Year to you Jo-Jo. I hope 2009 is a great year for you. Have fun this weekend.

Luanne said...

Happy New Year Jo-Jo!!

Toni said...

Happy New Year to you toj!!

Meg89 said...


Thanks for stopping by today!

I agree with you the Benjamin Button was a great movie, much better than the short story (I was so disappointed when I got home and read the text!). Good luck on your 2009 challenges!

Unknown said...

Hi Jo-Jo,

I just wanted to drop by again to tell you that I've given you a Butterfly Award. You can see my post here.