Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Finds-Nov. 6

Should Be Reading asks you to share what books you discovered this week that interest you!

A book that caught my eye recently was 72 Virgins by Avi Perry that I spotted over at Everything Distills Into Reading.

Here is a summary of 72 Virgins from Avi Perry's website:

72 Virgins is a novel about Jihad terrorism and the security agencies’ struggle to thwart its stratagem and trounce the perpetrators. Abu Musa is an Islamic Terrorist with an agenda, a ticking bomb inside the US. Arik Golan is an Israeli who tries to bring him down and pull the plug on his terror organization. Stanley Kramer is an FBI agent on a hunting mission, seeking to place both Abu Musa and Arik within his crosshair. The FBI, the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service—the Mossad, the US-based Iranian clandestine terror network, and the Islamic Jihad fraternity are engaged in a timeless conflict, playing out to a crescendo that comes to a head before the dramatic conclusion.

The book draws on current world events, politics, cultural divisions, international intrigue and religious fanaticism. It is masterly plotted, thrilling, captivating, replete with stealth, and above all, enlightening.

The story offers an ample dose of realism, a cast of intense characters who engage in love, lust, and violence. It portrays the Jihad culture with its rationale and the volcano that breeds an irrational obsession with death. Moreover, it builds on the Jihadists’ motivation for targeting so many innocents and exploiting the victims’ massacre as a stepping-stone to their dream of eternal paradise next to Allah’s throne.

So did anything catch your eye this last week?


Harvee said...

That title is intriguing. My Friday Find is a mystery by Sue Grafton, U Is For Undertow.

Stephanie said...

This does look intriguing!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

me too, me too....this looks really good.

Veens said...