Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book Club Chatter

Welcome to another week of Book Club Chatter where I hope to discuss all things book club on a weekly basis. I thought this would  be a fun way for each of us to share one little tidbit every week.

So here is my question for you this week:
Does your group typically select the titles from the same type of genre or do you mix it up a bit by choosing books that you wouldn't usually read?  If you do favor a specific genre, what type is it that you enjoy?

My Answer:
I have noticed that my group usually picks books that can be considered part of the 'women's fiction' genre.  This works out great for us since we all seem to enjoy reading this type of book.  We did decide a couple of years ago that we would like to try to add at least one book from some other genres, such as non-fiction, classics, and mysteries.  We do try to stay away from fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers.  It helps to keep all of us coming back for more knowing that we usually do enjoy the books that we read.

There is not a deadline as to when you need to post or answer this question, so please feel free to join in at your convenience. You can either leave your answer in the comments below or post your answer on your blog and leave the link below.


Ti said...

We mix it up quite a bit but we steer clear of certain genres. We never read straight chick lit and we haven't read a cozy mystery, EVER but we've read literary fiction that has mystery elements. We've read some short stories and even poetry books. We try to step outside the box when we choose our yearly list but sometimes it bombs on us.

Since we choose for the year, it's easy to see on paper if we are lacking or have too much of any one thing. For instance, once we had 5 books based on China so we added books about other countries to break it up.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That's probably why I've never found a book club, because the only ones near me focus on straight literary fiction. I think it would be tough to do a variety though, as everyone has a genre or two they just don't read.

Jo-Jo said...

Ti: We don't usually read chick lit or mysteries either. And we love reading novels that are set in different countries!

Diane: It's worked well for us because the genres that we don't read, the majority of us don't enjoy so that hasn't been a problem.

Toni said...

We mix it up a bit. This year we did pick genres for each month and took nominations and then voted. In the previous years we had a Leader of the Month pick the book and guide the discussion.