Thursday, March 18, 2010

Java With Jo

Well it has certainly been a busy week for me and since my sinuses have not been cooperating with me it has made it that much tougher.  While I was thinking about getting up early to exercise this morning, I quickly ruled that out!  I do have a choir concert tomorrow night so I'm hoping I can shake this thing by then.  I'm starting to think that maybe I'm not meant to be in the choir since I became sick before our Christmas concert also.  Could this be a sign? 

Could I be any more excited about our family vacation coming up?  I really don't think so!  In just twelve short days I will be lounging on a beach in Cancun, Mexico and I cannot wait to soak of the sun.  Now the dilemma of figuring out what books I should bring along...oh such problems!

I couldn't help but be excited when I got home yesterday and found two books that I had no idea were even being sent to me!  I just love those little surprises and it is especially fun since my mailbox has been pretty slow the last couple of weeks.  You will have to wait until Mailbox Monday to see what I received.

I also want to say that I am totally envious of all of you that will be going to the BEA in a couple of months!  This sounds like such a fun time and a great way to get to meet some of those bloggers that you already feel you know.  Watch out New York because I will be there next year!


bermudaonion said...

Oh, I do hope you're better in time for the concert! Your trip sounds like so much fun!

Ti said...

I am not going to BEA or Mexico so I seem to be envious of everyone these days. Have a wonderful trip! I'm so close to Mexico but have never visited. Be sure to share your book list!

Veens said...

I hope you feel better Jo-JO!
I am so envious of you... I want to go to a beach NOW~~ :) :)

Darlene said...

Ahhhh, just thinking about sitting in the sun makes me so jealous. Hope you're feeling better for your concert.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hi JO JO! You and me and the whole sinus thing - GAH! Hope yours in getting better. Mine is.

Have a lot of fun on your family vacation. How cool is that!

I wanted to pop in and have coffee with you this Saturday morning and tell you that you won a set of the Swan Thieves audios over at my place. :) I am announcing it in this mornings meanderings.... haven't got the post up yet but it will be soon! :)

Jenny Girl said...

I hope you feel better soon because I can totally relate. It has been almost 2 weeks for me with the sinus thing.

Enjoy your vacation. The sun will definitely make you feel better.

LibraryGirl said...

Oh I hope you are feeling much better before your vacation. Mexico sounds fabulous!

I've given you a blog award at