Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: Denise's Daily Dozen by Denise Austin

Here is a summary of Denise's Daily Dozen from the Hachette website:

From Denise Austin comes the perfect health book for anyone who wants to live better but just can't seem to find the time. Much more than just another excercise book, Denise's Daily Dozen covers a whole range of health and diet related concepts yet manages it all in a no-stress, time-conscious program of 12's. At it's core, this book contains the minimum daily requirements to keep the reader flexible, strong and trim. Organized simply into seven chapters, which equal the seven days of the week, it covers a full week in daily allotments. Each day will have it's own focus from Monday being "fat burning day" to Sunday's "recharge and rejuvenate."

Denise has created a total body program, including a 7-day balanced meal plan that includes healthy recipes, and a workout that encompasses 12 exercises done in 12 minutes each day. Everyone can take just 12 minutes, at whatever time of the day works for them, and turn it over to these simple and fun exercises. Cardio, toning, yoga and breathing exercises...they're all here but in a way the maximizes effect while minimizing time.

Beyond a dozen exercises for each day of the week this book will include many other of Denises dozens for each day. 

My Review:
I am now 41 years old and as I reflect on my life I can honestly say I have always been an active person.  I have not ever been overweight, but I have definitely gone up a few sizes over the last twenty years.  I remember reading some other diet books in the past and not even being able to read halfway through them because I knew that I would never be able to follow the diet plans.  Denise Austin is such a great motivator that after reading the first couple of chapters I found myself wanting to read more and feeling better about myself before I even did the first exercise!

I love how within this book Denise Austin breaks everything down into groups of a dozen.  From your daily dozen exercises to your daily dozen foods, she makes it a very easy program to follow.  The only item that I am truly struggling with is besides completing your daily dozen exercises you should also put in twelve miles of a cardiovascular activity.  I'm probably lucky if I can get six miles in!  But I'm not throwing in the towel and giving up. That's another thing that I like about her attitude.  She realizes that we are all human and we are not going to fill our exercise and diet obligations at all times.  Sometimes life does get in the way of our plans and we just need to accept that and move on.

Ok, I will admit that the diet aspect is another part that I don't follow to a tee.  As I first said, I have never really been overweight so I guess I have never really been ambitious about dieting in general.  But the way she breaks down what your diet should include has been very helpful.  I have always known the importance of trying to have a good breakfast but that is something that I just told myself that I don't have time for.  She has helped me to change this attitude so now I find that I can prepare my breakfast at home and just bring it with me in the morning to eat in my office.  It only slows me down a little bit in the morning, but I have noticed that my mornings are much more productive and I'm not quite as hungry as it gets closer to lunchtime.

I know that I won't be losing twelve pounds in two weeks, because as I mentioned I am not following the diet plan in her book as closely as I should.  But if I can lose a few pounds before I go to Mexico in a couple of weeks I will be a happy camper.  Besides losing a few pounds I am hoping to instill some good diet and exercise habits that I can use for the rest of my life.  Denise is a busy working mother just like I am and I'm hoping that I will be lucky enough to look half as good as she does ten years from now if I can keep following her program.  If you are looking to start a diet and exercise program that will help you see results without drastic changes in your lifestyle then I would suggest picking up this book today.

My Rating:  5/5

Disclosure:  I was provided this book from Hachette through the Good Reads website in exchange for an honest review.


bermudaonion said...

I remember when Denise Austen had her show - I always thought she approached fitness with common sense, so I bet this is good.

Esme said...

I have not read this-although I have it to review. I should pick it up-I have always thought she had a nice physique.

Anna said...

I used to exercise with Denise Austin all the time. I still have some of her tapes somewhere. I'll have to check out this book.

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