Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Club Chatter

Welcome to another week of Book Club Chatter where I hope to discuss all things book club on a weekly basis. I thought this would  be a fun way for each of us to share one little tidbit every week.

So here is my question for you this week:
Does your book group have an open membership that allows new people to join every month, or do you follow a set of guidelines before allowing a new member to join?

My Answer:  My book club does not have an open membership.  About a year ago we decided that we really like the size of our group now.  We have about nine ladies that meet on a regular basis, of course we do not have perfect attendance every month, but we usually do have a good turnout.  We feel that the size of our group is big enough to make for interesting discussions but small enough to keep it personal for all of us.  We decided that if someone really is interested in joining our group that we will discuss it and make a decision together.  We hope that this will allow us to be sure that the new member would be a good fit for our group.  I think that all groups are different and  it is good to know that the ladies you are meeting with enjoy reading the same types of books and have similar interests outside of reading.

There is not a deadline as to when you need to post or answer this question, so please feel free to join in at your convenience. You can either leave your answer in the comments below or post your answer on your blog and leave the link below.


Serena said...

my book club has an open membership since it really is Anna and myself with our husbands and we all are eclectic readers. We need more eclectic readers in our group. Anyone in Germantown, MD or willing to travel to us, drop me a line! LOL

bermudaonion said...

My book club meets via Skype, so we've had to limit it to 10 to 12 members.

Kathy said...

Here's my post...