Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book Club Chatter

Welcome to another week of Book Club Chatter where I hope to discuss all things book club on a weekly basis. I thought this would  be a fun way for each of us to share one little tidbit every week.

So here is my question for you this week:
Do you have a way of keeping members informed of any changes or up to date with a schedule of events between meetings?

My Answer:
My group uses the Book Movement website, which has many helpful aspects.  You can schedule books in advance on this site and make notes about your meetings.  So if one of our members forgets what book we will be reading in a couple of months, or find out when it is their turn to host or provide dessert, they just need to log onto the website to find that information.  You also have the ability to have automatic email reminders sent before the meeting that will provide them with all of the information needed.  This website also has monthly book giveaways that provide books for your whole group!  We have been lucky enough to win a couple different books from this site.  Of course this is only useful for those in the group that use the internet, so I also send out a Sweet Connections Newsletter through regular US Mail every few months that also contains this information.

There is not a deadline as to when you need to post or answer this question, so please feel free to join in at your convenience. You can either leave your answer in the comments below or post your answer on your blog and leave the link below.


The Bumbles said...

That's a very neat idea for a site. Mostly an organizing tool, not for discussing online, correct?

Can you tell me more about the newsletter? Is it something that you create yourself with software/online? Is there a cost?

Darlene said...

We've always used Yahoo for our book club stuff. Of course we're just an online group which makes things a bit different.

bermudaonion said...

We just use email. I'll have to check Book Movement out.

Kathy said...

Here's my answer...

Serena said...

my book club is anna, our husbands, and myself at the moment, so its easy to keep everyone on track.

I'd like to have a bigger group with more diverse tastes, and if that happens, this site you mentioned would be helpful.