Friday, February 26, 2010

Java With Jo

Well it has certainly been a busy couple of weeks and I've noticed that I haven't really had much time lately to post anything besides contests, reviews, and my weekly memes.  So today I want to take a few moments just to share some of the stuff that has been going on in my world.  I have been very busy with my job lately and with the Olympics on in the evenings I have found that it is hard for me to relax and read while that is on in the background.  Since that is almost over things should get back to normal soon.

Today is a day of remembrance for me also, as my little sister Brenda would have been 33 years old today.  I remember talking to her on her birthday last year, and it's amazing to think that we really had no idea that she was only going to be with us for a couple more months at that time.   It was just a couple of weeks after her 32nd birthday that we were told she wouldn't be with us that much longer.  What a shame it is to think that she was taken from this life at such a young age.  I am grateful that she was given the gift of love by all of her family members though.  Even though it was a short life it was one well worth living and remembering and I cherish every moment that we had together.  Later tonight I will be going to our local mexican restaurant to celebrate Brenda's birthday with some good friends.  Happy Birthday Brenda Sue!

I've also realized this last week that I have found a new appreciation for Nicholas Sparks.  I know many of you love his novels, but a few years ago after reading just a couple of his books I decided that his stories just weren't my cup of tea.  But a good friend of mine borrowed me her audiobook of Dear John, and I am hooked.  So I think I've decided that I will listen to his books but just not read them.  The only problem comes with the fact that I end up crying on my way to work in the morning! 

I have a wedding to attend this weekend that I am looking forward to.  There will be a couple of gals there that I haven't seen for awhile and I can't wait to spend some time with them!  I am also anxiously anticipating my vacation in Mexico toward the end of March.  I've already tried on my swimming suits so I am ready to go!  Hasta la Vista Baby!


Anonymous said...

I think it is so great that you are celebrating your sister's birthday with friends. Sending happy thoughts your way.

Jess said...

What a coincidence -- I am going to a wedding this weekend and on a cruise that finishes in Mexico at the end of March.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

What a great way to remember your sister by doing something fun on her birthday. It's so nice that you have a vacation to look forward to as well, sweet!

Missy B. said...

I am going out to eat Mexican tonight too (but no trip to Mexico, unfortunately)
It's awesome that you celebrate your sister's birthday.....

Ti said...

A birthday celebration that includes Mexican food?? That's sounds wonderful.

I know the Olympics have been a distraction for many but I am actually reading more with it on.

I think it's because the West Coast coverage is so delayed anyway and between MSNBC, FB and Twitter I typically find out who won before it even shows here so one eye is on the TV and the other one is on my book. Attractive, huh?